Life’s Wake is Art

Throughout time, people have devoted much energy toward reconciling paradoxes…

Sequential, delineated time is an illusion of language. The modern, traditional and primitive – nature, society and the individual – are concepts without definition outside of cultural convention.

We are one and experience this life and universe together.

We are individuals who each experience this life and the universe independently…

‘Art’ is a mechanism for transcending the realms of time, space and culture; for bridging the physical, imaginary and mythical; for stepping through the need to categorize and understand, beyond the status quo, into the realm of potentiality, grace and beauty.

This is me exploring, this is my reconciliation.

‘My art’ incorporates independently-created transpersonal-sub/unconscious elements into semi-consciously-composed-collages of pseudo-surrealistic-ideals, manifest as tangible objects. (I take what I imagine, what I sense, what I think, and what I feel… and combine them.)

In times of primal panic,
we are forced to redirect our efforts towards merely surviving,
sacrificing our natural urge to be thriving…

I seek maintain a balance between The Simple and The Complex; to convey that dance, itself. I will remain approachable without succumbing to popeme and without homage to any particular ‘ism. I intend provoke souls into stepping into the forefront of their being using the combined power of words and images to inspire minds into thinking, silence into speaking, and stillness into action. I revere the mathematical-geometric, mental and lingual underpinnings of our existence. I respect the fact that the organic, the realm of the real, is mutable, spectral and fleeting. I believe that we’re able to communicate anything meaningful to one another is a miracle in itself.

This is me breathing, this is my exhalation.

When symmetry is broken incidentally, when chaos ensues courageously, when the Great Mystery is approached with humility:

Real life begins.

Open your mind to all thoughts and your heart to all minds.

May infinite possibility continue to manifest
in the highest good of all that exists,
including myself,
and those whom I love.

This is space for sharing My Art and my E/experience(s) as an Artist. If you are looking for my profile as a professional information technologist, please jump over to LinkedIn.