Gentle Grandmother Tree

Gentle tree,
you remind me
of an eldery woman i once knew
rolling yogic motion slowly over
arms liquidlike laissez faire
to the wind whisper knotted
knowing knowledge
of growing from the ground
turning rays of sunshine
into sugary sustenance.

Gentle tree,
you remind me
of my sweet grandmother,
the smell of your bark
sparking thoughts
of the chocolates she always kept
just high enough on the shelf
that it took effort to reach
but not so high
as to deny
her grandchild the pleasure
of nuggat and nut.

You seem like the kind,
kind to allow children and squirells
play in your hair.

Gentle tree,
you remind me
of the beauty of the chrone
the wonderous tone of old age
the elegance of returning again
from form to formless
as balance gives way to surrender
and the weight of life experience
catches up with us
in the forms of worms and storms
and we topple to the ground
absorbed back into the soft sea
of the forest’s floor.

Gentle tree,
i can hear you speaking
reminding me with your silence
of what i all so often fail to see
that within me
is a tree
reaching from seed towards star
limited only by
how much of me i want to see
and how far i believe i can travel
before i unravel
and my trunk becomes a branch
which branches into tiny twigs
each adorned with whigs
of flowers nurished by rain showers
and visited by lots of little things
with wings and unique ways to sing

Gentle tree,
you are so right
even those with the most righteous might
eventually succumb to the sight
of the communal light
after many days have become many nights
what was one a wave
arrising from the infinite possibility
of the sea that is the forest floor,
becomes just a memory in the imagination
of the magicians who conjure nature
from the beyond the realms of nomenclature.

Gentle tree,
to many who have passed you
you have not even existed
you remind me of Hestia
living within the flame of the Hearth
always present but never obvious
like my grandmother
always present
never overpressing.

Gentle tree,
thank you for your medicine.


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