War of Inequity

If equality were real
there would be no winners
no conquerors
no victors.

If equality were real
there would be no endless war
no two friends
tearing at each other’s loose ends.

This is a mess solvable only by forgiveness
and recognition of unity
forever transcending disharmony
eternally reconciling difference.

Like divers coming up from the deep
we gotta keep ourselves safe
from the very Benz we have devoted our lives
and sacrificed our families and ‘hoods to obtain
even though we all know
that wealth and power
without conscience and heart
only breeds pain.

You can’t put me inside of your frame
any more than I can unlock my soul through this pen
anymore than I can free my self from the world
by giving into the anger
of being defeated again and again.

I try to be confident inside
of the semi-controllable animal I am
I try to convince my mind of idealistic peace.

I wince.

Torn apart by the reality of some foolish game
some foolish players invented long ago
rather than evolving their own inadequate ways,
to avoid the rays coming from the reaper’s sways.

Better get away from me
you might die in my presence
life presents unknowns
occasionally opportunities for transcendence
but them, you and I,
are few and far between.


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