Autodidact | They Tried to Teach Me

"Autodidact", Nick Milburn, 2010, Chalk on Paper, 18" x 12"

“Autodidact”, Nick Milburn, 2010, Chalk on Paper, 18″ x 12″

They tried to teach me
the infinite possibility
living inside as my soul
could be sold for some shiny metal
they called gold
but they couldn’t reach far enough inside of my mind
with their warped rhymes
to alter the golden etchings of wisdom
that reminded me who I am
my soul
is priceless beyond material prosperity
no matter its apparent luminosity
for all that lusters does so
because of the grandeous exchanges of energy
between earth and sun
without the animation provided by solar radiation
and the disintegration of established vibration
spiraling onwards towards resonation
there could be no soil
no boil of life in the waters of emptiness
it is the heat of the universe that powers our cars and all our homes
our businesses and body parts
no matter how deeply we may wish to depart
this sphere of time is not our doing
but we are indeed the art
of the universal heart.


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