Art Exhibition: “Transitions”

Through July 27th, Vermont artists Erica Venuti and Nick Milburn are exhibiting more than thirty pieces of their visual art at Vermont Law School.

Erica earned a BFA in Fine Arts in 2008 at Long Island University, CW Post and an MFA in Health Arts and Sciences in 2012 from Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. Erica is a full-time working artist and part-time arts-educator in the Central Vermont and the Upper Valley region.

Though several of the works on display go back to her early days, occupying her center stage is a 2014 series of oil works, titled Transitions, which fearlessly borrows elements of mysticism, shamanism, surrealism and magical realism and applies them to the process of personal healing. Shown is her work Courage.

Nick studied transpersonal psychology and philosophy at Burlington College in Burlington, VT before returning to his primary career as an information technologist; he currently works for the VLS Technology Department. Though effectively untrained as an artist, Nick is skilled in the art of getting out of his own way. His work tends to blend raw emotion and symmetry.

Along with a few atypical Vermont landscapes and a deliciously recursive scrap-wood wall sculpture, the entirety of Nick’s 2008 acrylic on watercolor paper series Innocence, Non-Sense, Sentience is on display for the first time, side-by-side, accompanied by a story line. Shown is his painting Neo-Primitive Ecstatic.

Erica and Nick are a wife-husband team, constantly encouraging each other to grow and develop their methods of working. Nick’s fascination with geometry has influenced the structure of Erica’s paintings, while Erica’s skill in creating depth has crept its way into Nick’s playful works. They balance each other out in life and in art.

The exhibition is throughout the first floor hallway of Oakes Hall on Vermont Law School’s South Royalton Campus. The space is free and open to the public during regular school hours. Some of the work is for sale. For more information, or their company in a walkthrough of their work, please contact Erica via or at or Nick via or


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